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Our highly skilled Auckland chiropractors can help you feel happy,
healthy and empowered. Transform your life with
our specialised chiropractic care.


Transform your health & discover how amazing life can be

Here at Vital Chiropractic we believe your body and your life are meant to be and feel amazing. We offer a dynamic and diverse range of services and care to help you achieve this.

Our caring and skilled chiropractors will address any shifts and dysfunction in your spine and nervous system as well as teach you lifestyle steps to prevent the same problems from reoccurring. We also offer a range of complimentary products, supplements and services to take you to the next level.

The result? A happier, healthier and more empowered you. Our chiropractic techniques and services transform lives through their remarkable, positive flow-on effects.

Expectant mums can benefit hugely from our chiropractic care. Our specialised programmes can guide you through a more comfortable pregnancy and encourage better birth outcomes. We also offer support for mums and babies post birth for many reasons including; breastfeeding assistance, fatigue, colic and reflux.
All children go through periods of rapid growth and development. Your child’s ability to develop their mind & body properly depends on the healthy functioning of their nervous system. Vital Chiropractic & Wellness offer specialised care to encourage healthy growth at these critical stages in your child’s life.
At Vital Chiropractic and Wellness we aim to help you function at your best everyday; at work or at play! We provide support for business leaders, sportspeople and keen weekend warriors to have better mental clarity, improved muscle recovery and decreased incidence of injury.