5 things that cause DEgeneration

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  • May 20, 2019

1. Stress:

While we need some stress in our lives living ‘on the edge’ does not serve us well. Once upon a time we needed our stress response to run from the sabre tooth tiger. Heart rate goes up, blood pressure goes up, cholesterol is pumped into the blood for energy, sugar utilisation changes (man does that sound like just about every disease that our community suffers from?) But this state is not meant to be prolonged and if so causes fatigue in just about every system…and thus puts the body in a DE-generative state.

2. Processed foods:

This is pretty common knowledge these days. Anything processed has been altered in some way and your body does not deal with this as easily. All the numbers, preservatives, additives that you find in our food these days really do put stress and strain on our body and, you guessed it, put us in that DE-generative state.

3. Sugar:

There is general acknowledgement that too much sugar in our diet is not good for us. Sugar has so many detrimental effects its hard to know where to start. It provides no nutrients, messes with our liver, supresses the immune system, can create insulin resistance associated with cancer and diabetes. Need I go on? Not all sugars are created equal though get your sweet fix through fruit or try coconut sugar as a great alternative.

We are all addicted and this is a physiological survival mechanism back from caveman days when carbs and sugar were not readily available. And because of this it is tough to give up sugar but I dare you to go sugar free for a couple of weeks – once you get through the cravings you will feel amazing and your body will thank you for it. (read the labels though as sugar is hiding in everything!)

4. Toxins:

Toxic load is a term that describes the level of toxins you are in contact with on a daily basis. Reducing your toxic load is vital…and can be pretty simple to do.

Cleaning products, beauty products, pollution, radiation from phones and microwaves…all add to our daily toxic load. First thing to do is finish off all your cleaning products and replace them with a natural substitute. Secondly, try some natural alternatives to your favourite body lotion and moisturiser. Filter your water and add some indoor plants to help absorb some of the ambient radiation within your home and voila your toxic load is reduced!

5. And of course, our usual suspects – drugs and alcohol:

While our body can cope with the odd drink here and there, consistent heavy drinking puts the liver and kidneys under extraordinary pressure and eventually adds to the degenerative process. Any kind of drug does this too.

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