5 tips for REgeneration!

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  • May 20, 2019

1. Movement:

Did you know that your brain is fuelled by movement of your joints? If you don’t move enough your brain literally goes to sleep. It’s important to move regularly throughout the day. Even if you are sitting at your computer for work there are lots of ways to add movement to your day. Walking meetings, standing desk, put the printer on the other side of the office, drink lots of water… :0) Park your car further away from work, organise a lunchtime walking group. Don’t forget everything counts…house work, chasing the kids etc. It doesn’t really matter what you do but get MOVING.

2. Sleep:

Sleep is a time for healing and recalibrating, your muscles repair, hormones balance, the brain filters toxins, we consolidate our memories and REM sleep provides energy to brain and body. Sleep is not a luxury it’s a necessity and while life may not allow us to have all the sleep we really want, focus on getting quality sleep (see my blog on getting a better night sleep)

3. Community:

A sense of belonging and support is vital to our health and wellbeing. Creating networks of people can support your body to literally get younger as you smile more, laugh more and do more of what you love. So, connect in beyond social media and client meetings, there is time for friends and family and know that it’s important to your health!

4. Have sex:

Yep its true ‘gettin’ busy’ can add years to your life. You burn calories (same as a 30 minute run!), boost your immunity and it’s good for your heart. For those of you on the fertility journey…try and have sex for fun sometimes too and take the focus off the baby making J

5. Nutrition:

Of course…you need to feed your body the building blocks of good nutrition so they actually have what they need to rebuild. I think we can all agree that there is a confusing amount of information out there about what good nutrition actually means…high fat v low fat…no eggs/eggs. So how do you filter this information so it’s not so overwhelming? Well, I have 2 filters to suggest. A. Would your great grandmother recognise it as food? B. How close to its original form is it?

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