Health is NOT the key to Fertility

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  • May 20, 2019

Health is not the key to fertility…if that was the case then you would simply get healthy and voila get pregnant! Let’s be honest – women of all sorts of shapes and sizes, living conditions and head space get pregnant, women who smoke, who are overweight, drunk, haven’t eaten a vegetable in months, drink coffee, are high on drugs, they make babies too….And then when you actually want to get pregnant… Annoying isn’t it?!

In NZ 1 in 5 couples are struggling to get pregnant and most of them without a known cause. All the tests come back normal, dad-2-be has some good swimmers and you’re left with nothing tangible to even do something about.

So how do we approach the problem when we don’t really know what the problem actually is? I’ve spent quite some time reading, learning and thinking about the answer to this conundrum and come up with a brilliant conclusion…there is NO 1 solution – ok so not so brilliant but it is also liberating knowing that it is not necessarily the perfect combination of nutrients, not the one coffee you guiltily drank hoping no one would see you, not the weather… Instead it is about finding what YOUR unique needs are. For some it will be cleaning up your diet and going all organic, coffee free and others – well, maybe you need to go to Fiji and get really drunk (did I say that out loud???) The tricky bit is not getting so caught up in the worry and stress and staying empowered through the process…and this is where I want to help! What I know is that there is such a myriad of advice out there and sometimes its hard to know where to start. As part of your support team my job is to help filter the information you get and allow you to make the best decisions for you…and sometimes just be there so you can vent :O)

I absolutely believe that chiropractic care with its focus on neurological integrity and brain-body connection offers an amazing way to super charge your fertility potential. I have seen time and time again the power of an adjustment to balance and support the body to be at its best. Without a doubt it also helps you connect and trust your body again – lets do this!

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