‘The one thing’…

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  • May 20, 2019

Actually, there is no ‘one thing’… The one herb, the one thing you eliminate from your diet, the one supplement, the one yoga move, the one therapist. That one thing that will ‘fix’ all and magically make the next month the lucky one.

While I think all of these are great options to finetune your fertility, what is it that you can do to enhance the function of every single organ and cell in your body so you become more robust, more relaxed, more balanced OVERALL.

Feeding your body good food is not about providing a single missing nutrient but finding the balance between all the nutrients and making sure your body is absorbing them properly.

Finding the right exercise and movement for you is not about just heart health but the myriad of benefits exercise brings from enhancing sleep to balancing hormones and sugar absorption.

Mindfulness is not just about switching off that really annoying chatter in your head but more about the calming influence it has on your entire nerve system which in turn reduces stress hormones which in turn boosts the function of every cell and organ in your body.

Oh yes and Chiropractic…helps the nerve system run without any interference so it can control and coordinate all these functions too 😊

The harmony of the trillions of cells within that wonderfully amazing body of yours is what we are striving for. Strengthening the cells, supporting them and super charging them for fertility and LIFE.

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