The Shift to Mastery -Business Facilitation & Coaching

Chiropractor, Business Owner, International Facilitator, and Wife to an Elite Ray White Real Estate Agent, Adeela has a unique approach to Business Coaching and Facilitation for those wanting to break through blocks and barriers or elevate their game to the next level.

It doesn’t matter what field you are in, the elements of excellence consistently work across every arena and industry. If you can master these elements and apply them to your inner and outer life, it is almost impossible to not succeed. Business Facilitation or Coaching sessions with Dr Adeela not only offer a completely different approach to solving existing issues or problems in your workplace or business, but by identifying and clearing subconscious blocks and getting congruent with your desired outcomes, these sessions propel you from being stuck in “fixing” problems and issues into “creating” the business and life you truly desire.

“If your problem was what you thought it was, you would have fixed it by now. In our sessions we look at all the elements involved and identify where you have blocks and how to change that. It’s practical, pragmatic and easy to create results, once you are putting your energy in the right place”. – Dr Adeela

The elements:

  • Identifying and break through the blocks that are creating your financial glass ceiling
  • Rewiring of conscious and subconscious responses to stressful situations or environments
  • Breaking though upper limit barriers imposed by yourself or others
  • Make both your strengths and weaknesses work for you
  • Identify incongruence’s between yourself and your team that are stopping your progress
  • Dissolve conflict or tension in your workplace

Corporate Services include:

  • Onsite wellness workshops
  • Spinal screenings
  • Stress relief technique seminars
  • Individual or group performance and breakthrough sessions
  • Business coaching sessions onsite or over the phone