Pregnancy care

Chiropractic care is a wonderful way to support you through your pregnancy.  During these 9 months your body is changing in a myriad of ways and allowing your body to move and function at it’s best can help you navigate these changes with greater ease and vitality.

Utilising safe and gentle modified techniques most women find they feel stronger, balanced and more connected, and, while chiropractic is not a treatment for anything, common discomforts such as reflux, morning sickness, low back or pubis pain often resolve or lessen while under care.

Incorrect positioning inutero can lead to higher levels of constraint and c-section.  By allowing the mothers body to be more balanced and flexible we find that many babies turn naturally into the vertex position allowing for greater opportunity for a natural birth.


Babies and Children

From the moment a child is born they begin to grow and develop.  In the first year alone, your baby will learn to roll and sit and walk.  All of these changes are controlled and coordinated by the nerve system.  By supporting this system through gentle chiropractic care we offer the opportunity for your child to traverse this time in a dynamic and integrated way.

Many children come to us with specific issues and we find so many of these common childhood challenges improve as we remove any interference to the nerve system.

Traumatic birth                                          Favoured head position

Sleeping problems                                    Posture

Breast feeding issues                                Reflux

Constipation                                              Growing pains

‘Grumpy baby’ syndrome                      Bed wetting